Landlord Information

Landlord Information

Asset Edge Residential

Being innovative so as to maximize landlord’s returns not only with a complete professional and reliable service but by introducing the “Landlord Asset Edge”, a unique and exciting asset management service designed specifically for investors

Why Choose Asset Edge Residential To Manage Your Investment?

· We offer sensible, dedicated service and commitment at an affordable, realistic, fair price. We also offer the option of an “All Inclusive (no hidden charges) Management System for residential real estate in Western Australia. We call it the “Landlord Asset Edge”.

  • We offer a stable platform in the market place in order to create investment success for clients
  • We Pay Out Landlords electronically twice each and every month
  • We implement the best available technology along with innovative procedures to reduce out-dated overheads and pass the savings on to our clients
  • Our new “Cloud” based property management software not only allows our Property Managers more time to be looking after your property, but also offers you and your tenant an exclusive Login portal so you can see what’s happening with your property 24/7
  • Asset Edge Residential have strict procedures for the daily management of rent arrears
  • Asset Edge Residential Landlords receive greater, more regular and reliable cash flow
  • We have the experience and know how to make your investment work for you!