Open Negotiation

Asset Edge Residential is excited to present Open & Transparent Negotiation…A new way of selling real estate.

Open & Transparent Negotiation maximises the audience of possible buyers for your property without putting a ceiling on the potential price that can be achieved.

Buyers that would be normally excluded in an auction, are now ready and able to participate in a Open & Transparent Negotiation.

It allows the sales process to be conducted over a short defined time, providing certainty for the seller plus avoiding endless home opens and disappointment.

Further certainty for the seller is provided with the formal registration of potential buyers from the first home open. The seller allows buyers to register for the Open & Transparent Negotiation process with their proposed conditions, such as finance conditions, deposit and settlement period.

A buyer becomes formally registered when the seller agrees to all of their terms and conditions which then allows the buyer to purchase and participate in the Open & Transparent Negotiation.  This also creates confidence about the property within the market as the number of registered buyers is clear to all parties.

With Open & Transparent Negotiation, the seller has no ceiling on the price, the selling period is defined, and the terms are pre-agreed with each buyer during the Showing and Registration Period.

The price is then determined as the Open & Transparent Negotiation commences n a pre-determined date and buyers compete to purchase the property. The buyer, in the privacy of their home, can openly discuss increasing their offer. The seller, also in the privacy of their own home with their Asset Edge Residential Consultant, and without public pressure, view the price of their home increasing.

The Open & Transparent Negotiation is complete when the negotiations stops and the highest buyer is unchallenged within the vendors sell zone. The Vendor then signs off and the property negotiation is complete.