Our Story

Our Story

We are so much more than a full service real estate firm. We’re a fresh group of talented people with a passion for finding the best way of living. People who make every effort to help you live who you are.

After all, who needs just any old real estate agent that thinks they sell houses. We’re about understanding your needs, your dreams and how you want to live your life with your family. We’re about helping you find solutions.

Founded in 2014 by Nic Di Rosso off the back of a career spanning from 1998 when he first entered the building industry in his Fathers building company as a grass roots sales consultant. His belief in truth, respect, transparency, ethics and high standing morals all come together to form the exemplary service he insists on his firm offering not only to all clients but also to each other within the company.

Being a privately owned and independent brand, we have the flexibility to quickly adapt and move with industry changes. Part of these changes is technology. This is now more than ever playing an integral role in how people buy, sell and rent property. We still believe that the basics of human interaction will never leave our industry or what Nic likes to call “Belly To Belly” communication, however we also love how technology is evolving our industry.

We offer our sellers, landlords and tenants their own personal login so they can access anything relating to their property 24/7. Our new “Cloud” based systems are simple to use. If you are selling, you can access things like what level of buyer interest and activity your marketing campaign has generated. How many people attended private or weekend inspections and their feedback plus lots more.

If you are a landlord or tenant, at the click of a button you can log in and check your rent, any due inspections or track a maintenance request…all anytime, anywhere so long as you have access to a computer, laptop or mobile device and the internet.

We don’t just know real estate, we know how homes are built, we know how to stage homes for that extra flair when selling, we know how to communicate and we know how to listen. We also know how what any property transaction can mean to the next stage of your life which is why we attract the best of the best from the greater property and construction industry’s to deliver you the “Winning EDGE In Real Estate”.

So regardless if you’re a

  • Property developer with strict time frames and pre-sale requirements from banks with a focus on ROI
  • An investor looking to add to your portfolio
  • A landlord looking for a fresh outlook and Property Managers who know how your property should really be managed as we own property ourselves
  • Or our friends and neighbours looking to sell your most prized family home…
    please consider speaking to an Asset Edge Residential Team member before you make your final decision.