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As with all properties we successfully market and sell, an accurate marketing and selling range is arrived at through close consultation with you and a review of the relevant past sales data.

Many people make a fatal error when deciding on a fair and reasonable price for their home by what others in their neighbour hood are currently asking. Certainly this may be an indication, however at times there is often a large discrepancy between what is being asked on the market for a home and what is finally achieved.

Street Appeal:

We are all familiar with the term “Looks Count”. This could not be truer when selling your property. This is all about presentation. Think about how impressed you are when you view builders display homes or display apartments. On the outside you can just about smell the freshly cut lawn, the warm moist mulch tossed in the garden beds, architecturally sculptured plants and hedges and not a weed in the paving to be seen. Why do you think they go to such painstaking efforts to make the home so exquisitely presentable on the outside? Yes, so you will come in, this is where the real magic is.

If a home is unattractive, baron or overgrown on the outside, most people will be thinking the inside must be in a similar state. Even if this is not the case, chances are most people will not even stop the car to inspect the property based on the disheartening perception they experienced passing by.

Creating the “Wow” Factor:

On the inside freshen the house up with a coat of paint; de-clutter excess toys, furniture and odds and ends. Possibly bring in some vibrant new furniture from a furniture staging company (We can assist you with this). If you have large pieces of furniture, you may want to move or store them to create a sense of space. Make sure the windows are clean. Remember you are creating an impression. A little time, money and effort at this early stage could see you receive enormous benefits with the price you achieve.

Wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. They are often the main reasons properties do not sell or do not achieve the price expected. What could yours do with to give them back their sparkle?

The Property Inspection:

Light, bright fragrant homes are more inviting.

Pull open the drapes or curtains, freshly brew a pot of coffee. Have some scented citrus fruits in a bowl in the kitchen or placed on the meals table. Not only do they brighten up the home they also add a special fragrance.

If you have indoor pets it is wise to put them out or remove them from the property and open the windows to air out the property.

Freshly cut flowers always enhance the viewing experience. Remember people buy established properties because they can use their senses to experience the property. Give their senses a full work out. Assist them to touch, feel, see, smell and hear.

Have pleasant, not boring music playing through the home. Major shopping retailers have completed extensive research to make sure they have the right music playing in their shops in order to keep patrons there longer. The longer they are there, the more chance they will buy, and buy more. This is the same for the Property Inspection. Viewers need to experience the home not just see it.

People who receive a pleasant “sensory” experience when viewing a home, will tend to stay longer, thus achieving a true appreciation of the home and increasing your chances of receiving an offer which may result in a sale.

In summary follow these examples to prepare the property for the market:

  • Welcome viewers with freshly cut fertilized lawn, mulch to the gardens and a general sweep and tidy up.
  • Internal and external paint where required.
  • De-clutter inside the property. Store odds and ends out of sight.
  • Rearrange or remove furniture especially bulky pieces that alter space.
  • Clean all windows. Commission a window cleaner if required.
  • Assess your wet areas. How can you improve them?

At the Property Inspection:

  • Pull open drapes or curtains, open windows, let the home breathe.
  • Freshly brew a pot of coffee, or bake some bread before hand and let it sit in the kitchen.
  • Have scented fruits in a bowl.
  • Relocate pets or take the dog for a walk or to the neighbours.
  • Place freshly cut flowers in a vase.
  • Play some feel good café style music in the background.
  • Arouse all the senses.

With a little time and effort in the lead up to the first Property Inspection attending to the above, you can be assured that Asset Edge Residential will go to work on achieving a successful sale.


When introducing a new property to the market, time is always of the essence. Many people continuously watch the market and are fully aware of what is available and how long they have been for sale.

The first two-three weeks are the most important. Your property will stand out amongst those that have been there for some time. This is the period where you will obtain the most traffic through your property and receive an offer if your property is presented well and priced accurately.

Beyond six-eight weeks, buyers will have passed your property by as the market is saying there is either something wrong with it or it is over priced for the market. This stands true in all types of markets.

Be realistic with your expectations.

Marketing Options:

Listed below are some of the methods available to you as a means of promoting your property to the market.

Asset Edge Residential are members of REIWA which assures you professionalism, the highest of ethics and a credible code of conduct with any of the listed alternative marketing methods.

  • Exclusive
  • Auction
  • Set Date Sale
  • Expressions of interest

We will be happy to explain all the above options and their benefits. Then we will recommend from our expert opinion, which option will deliver the best possible results for you.